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Translate AI into Improved Performance and Profitability. AI education and team building


Whether you're looking to modernise, automate, or scale, our services are designed to position your organization at the forefront of the AI revolution.
Dawn of Disruption gamified AI learning and team building experience

About Apex Agility


Specialists in AI consulting, education, and team building, Apex Agility integrates AI into businesses.

We unlock innovative solutions to enhance your business efficiency using cutting-edge AI technology. We provide AI education and training alongside AI automation services, including leveraging Microsoft Copilot with its robust security and confidentiality measures, all to eliminate manual, time-consuming processes.  By automating tasks, building AI Agents and Chatbots we save organisations and individuals valuable hours, allowing them to focus on more strategic activities.


With game-based learning experiences like "Dawn of Disruption" and our "Machine Learning Workshops" we enhance understanding and creativity in AI applications.


Our experienced Consultants, alongside our Data Analysts, Machine Learning, Integration and Development experts, can support your goals by implementing, integrating and supporting the use-cases identified.

With a focus on automation and customised solutions, ethical practices, and compliance, we're committed to future-proofing your business operations and enhancing your competitive edge.

Transform your business operations, enhance efficiency, and stay competitive with our comprehensive AI consulting services.

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Introducing Our

Machine Learning Workshop

We offer a 2-part artificial intelligence machine learning workshop to help you understand what AI and Machine Learning is and how it can be used effectively in your business. This workshop involves interactive coding examples which help you understand the benefits and limitations of AI based on your own datasets.

The workshop will guide a group of your existing technical staff on how to build their own machine-learning models, including the setup, configuration and optimisation.

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Introducing Our New

AI Maturity Assessment

We've developed a brief assessment, taking just 4 minutes, to gauge your AI Maturity and Readiness. This can be a valuable tool in understanding where you stand in terms of AI integration and where to focus your learning efforts. 

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