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MACHINE LEARNING WORKSHOPS - Create your own ML Model trained on your data

MACHINE LEARNING WORKSHOPS - Create your own ML Model trained on your data

In partnership with Shoretech, our hands-on, interactive tutorial is designed to equip your team with the skills needed to develop and implement a powerful ML model. Tailored to your business's specific needs and goals, our tutorial ensures your team not only understands ML concepts but can apply them effectively in your business context. 

We offer two specialised machine learning tutorials: one tailored for engineers and IT professionals, focusing on in-depth technical aspects of ML, and another designed for non-technical individuals, emphasizing the practical application and understanding of ML in everyday business contexts. Each tutorial is crafted to suit the specific learning needs and backgrounds of its audience, ensuring a comprehensive and relevant learning experience.



Snippets from the Tutorial


More About Machine Learning

Developing a custom machine learning (ML) model offers a multitude of advantages for a company.

Firstly, it provides tailored solutions specific to the unique challenges and needs of the business, granting a significant competitive edge. Custom ML models enhance operational efficiency and productivity by automating complex tasks, leading to informed, timely decision-making and overall cost reductions. They also adapt and scale with the business, evolving alongside changing needs and data volumes.

These models are instrumental in offering deeper customer insights and personalisation, vital for innovative and targeted strategies. Additionally, they enhance risk management, particularly in fraud detection and compliance monitoring. Importantly, creating custom models fosters a culture of innovation, generates valuable intellectual property, and ensures data security with bespoke features.

This approach not only improves product and service quality through constant performance analysis but also positions the company as a forward-thinking leader in its industry.


Meet your Tutor:

Michael Thompson

Michael is a Computer Scientist and is the MD of Shoretech. He has used artificial intelligence in the coastal engineering industry for over 4 years through his PhD research. He has also tutored a university artificial intelligence course.


To see Michael in action, register here for a 1hr webinar on his PhD thesis work to an international academic network of Scientists in March this year The presentation is called "The versatility of Convolutional Neural Network's for coastal monitoring applications " and the zoom webinars have a registration list of about 200 people.


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